“…Who Art in Heaven…”

Recently I bought a new car from the dealership. One of my criteria was that the new model had at least all of the same features that my previous car did. And the vehicle I selected did – with one exception: fog lights were not standard on this model. After talking to a representative at the dealership, we were assured that I could get the fog lights installed by the dealership with little hassle. So I purchased the vehicle. When I took it back for its first oil change, I requested the fog lights be installed; however, company policy had changed and the cost was way more than we anticipated. It was suggested that we could get after-market fog lights installed for a quarter of the cost that the dealership would charge. Being on a budget, we opted for the after-market option since our chance at factory installed fog lights had passed.

This week, in my focus on the Lord’s prayer, I saw the phrase, “Our Father, WHO ART IN HEAVEN…”  and began thinking about that. We addressed God as to WHOM we are in relationship with but why does it matter that we address God as “the one in heaven?”

Author C.S. Lewis commented on this section of the Lord’s Prayer in the following manner:

Jesus taught us to address God where he is, that is, in heaven and not yet here on earth. The Father wants to be here and will be here when heaven and earth unite. In the act of prayer God unveils himself to us and so we are to unveil ourselves to God. We begin prayer where we are. If we are sad, we begin sad. If we are angry, we begin angry. There is no use trying to pretend we are not these things and to begin by adoration if we are not in that place. [i]

When praying the Lord’s Prayer – and I hope you are still making that your noon time habit J – , we begin by calling out to God to where he is from where we are. Because He is in the place of perfection, where all life originates and where life in Him will continue. That’s why when something is wonderful, we say it is “like heaven.” When our loved ones leave us, we want them to be in that perfect place where there is no pain and no sorrow, like heaven. And if we are honest, many of us gravitate toward stories about those who claim to have gone to heaven and returned because our inquiring minds want to know more about this place from which God reigns and watches over us.

Stretch your mind and think of heaven as the place where my vehicle originated. Everything factory installed came with a promise that, no matter what happens, things will be made good.  Unlike the after-market installation, the lights will probably work fine but they do not come with the promise like the originator of the lights offered. Yes, a vehicle factory is where man made creations come to be and those factories can fall short and can even close down. However, a heaven where God rules and reigns will never fall short, never close down, and will always be right where we need it – above us and around us.

We are created by the Creator who knew us before we came forth on this earth, who knit us together before we hit the showroom of the labor and delivery suite. And as someone once said, “God don’t make junk”… He makes good on ALL of His promises. So when you talk to him in prayer, whether through this noonday challenge or at any time, remember – no matter where you are in your walk of faith – God is in heaven to watch over and care for  you as He keeps his promises to love you with an everlasting love, to never leave or forsake you, to offer you a hope and a future. And when things are working right in your life, bring it to the One who gave you life.


[i] C.S. Lewis. Commentary on the Lord’s Prayer”. http://livinghour.org/lords-prayer/commentary-by-c-s-lewis/. Accessed 6/14/2017

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